James E. Guinn School

1200 South Freeway - 1927; 1937; 1953; 2003

  • 1937 Building
    1937 Building
  • 1953 Building with 1927 Building Behind
    1953 Building with 1937 Building Behind

Historic Designations:

National Register of Historic Places
Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
City of FW Highly Significant Endangered Landmark

The origins of this school date back to 1894 as the Southside Colored School. In 1917, a three story building, designed by Sanguinet & Staats, was constructed on the southeast corner of West Rosedale and Lousiana Ave. (South Freeway). The building was demolished in 1986. A second building was added to the campus in 1927. It was designed by Wiley G. Clarkson, this bulding faces West Rosedale. A third building, facing Louisiana Ave., now the South Freeway, was built in 1937. That building was designed by Elmer G. Withers Architectural Company. In 1953, a gymnasium building was added on the western side of the campus. The Guinn School was closed by the Fort Worth Independent School District in 1980, and was purchased by the City of Fort Worth. In 2003, the 1937 building was converted into the Business Assistance Center.


Architectural Style:

Varies by building


1927 Building - Wiley G. Clarkson, Fort Worth
1937 Building - Elmer G. Withers Architectural Company, Fort Worth


Business Center