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In Topic: New 4-story building with 35 units (DDRB Case)

22 November 2023 - 12:17 PM

Guessing that is reference to excess right-of-way, not the entire street.

In Topic: Hilton Hotel Annex Sold

13 October 2023 - 08:09 AM

Yeah, you kind of have to be careful with the agenda that might be behind anything reported there.  Odd that I can't find another source.

Established local news outlets aren't exactly covering business topics like this, and those that are fall more into the category of press release than investigation.

This is one of the reasons why Fort Worth Report starting up and the FWST having a business writer again are important.

In Topic: Generations Park at Boys Ranch (Bedford)

06 September 2023 - 08:56 AM

This is sort of the defacto Bedford thread I guess, but I noticed they have a new performing arts center underway.  I love these kind of projects.

Makes more sense to start a new thread or rename this one as a catch-all instead.

Looks like Bedford is getting a great little multi-purpose facility:

In Topic: High Speed Rail - Texas

06 September 2023 - 08:29 AM

Where would the high-speed rail station be in Fort Worth? T&P Station?

NCTGOG study's final recommended alignment is underground at Fort Worth Central Station:

https://www.nctcog.o...ards in English

In Topic: TCU Medical School

17 June 2023 - 11:35 AM

One thing that surprised me is the first phase spans over Adams, so it's wider than the block that was there. From the South is makes a nice terminated vista. Pic a few months old but you get the idea.


I overlaid the most recently posted site plan on a June 2022 aerial. It looks like the two easternmost arches where the passageway (currently the edge of the initial building) line up almost perfectly with the centerline (red) and the eastern sidewalk (purple) of Adams St.


I'm speculating that the passageway wasn't designed for this to be a stand-alone building like the preliminary renderings, but probably now any expansion would span the entire block as a single facade along Rosedale built in two or more phases (hence the need for one, or more, passageways through the middle of the building).