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In Topic: Van Zandt mixed-use project (2816 West 7th)

06 January 2022 - 01:59 PM

Much sexier renderings. 

The renderings has me confused. The project surrounds Veritex bank on two sides ? But I see nothing close to the parking lot, being cleared to make way for the multi family building ? 

I'm sorry? Not understanding what you mean.

The bank likely negotiated parking space in the new parking garage. Based on the site prep, the office building and parking garage will be started before the residential units.

In Topic: Trinity Lakes

03 November 2021 - 05:41 PM

I thought Austin already posted this from the Gateway Planning packet but I couldn't find it or the link was dead.  (Nice to see those filthy gas wells throughout this development....great job guys).
Here's a new link and overall Trinity Lakes Master Mixed-Use Dev Plan:

It appears Gateway planning is no longer in business.