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14 June 2022 - 09:07 PM

I saw this posted online tonight and thought this was pretty cool and something the Forum would appreciate. Brings back a lot of memories. I completely forgot about askJeeves.

Other than AOL, I remember CompuServe had a lot of capabilities back in the early internet days. One of my buddies found out the hard way that you could actually order airline tickets online at the time. I guess he just wanted to see what would happen. His mom was pretty upset when she got a call from the authorities, something must have tipped them off at the airline or that they were RT to Sydney. I think she just said Boys will be Boys and they all laughed it off since it was such a novelty back then not to mention pretty minor incident compared to the crazy stuff his older brother did in high school including (accidentally) totaling his moms station wagon the same day he got his drivers license.

The Hampton - 8 stories - 1200 E Weatherford

30 May 2022 - 08:02 PM

I didn't see it on Austin55's Interactive Construction Map but I could have sworn we discussed this project already.  I was tinkering around and guessed the URL for the upcoming DDRB meeting this week (6/2/22) which they haven't published on the city website but I saw this listed as a new case.  Sounds kind of interesting. 

DG22 011
Address: 1200 E. Weatherford Street
Owner: Chillingham Park, LLC Brandon Behrens
Applicant: Merriman Anderson Architects Patrick Hazard
Requests approval of conceptual footprint and massing of a 5 - story residential
building; a waiver from the street grid standards and a recommendation to City
Plan Commission for the vacation of E. 1st Street between Hampton and Nichols

EDIT: Here's the TAD listings.  I recall us discussing Girls Inc of Tarrant County which is also owned by Chillingham Park, LLC. Also to note is the request to vacate East 1st between Hampton and Nichols.:

Palladium E. Berry Multi-Family Residential

14 May 2022 - 09:24 PM

Site of the now razed McDonald YMCA on E. Berry St. new multi-family development.  I thought Austin55 posted this a while back but I can't find it.




Palladium E. Berry


Extraterritorial Jurisdiction: No
County: Tarrant
Total Acreage:17.227
Primary Use: Multi-Family Residential
Total Dwelling Units:240








Brewer & Hale, Testudo Residential Projects (Rock Island / Samuels)

14 May 2022 - 08:41 PM

Here's a cluster of Brewer & Hale projects from the Zoning Commission docket to be heard by Council on 5/24/22:


Generally, a multiphase development of multifamily, attached townhomes, and single lot development. B&H plan to develop these properties with multifamily and attached townhomes more appropriate for the location. Downtown walkability make this location ideal for greater density and more urban building forms. Some isolated single lots may only accommodate detached single-family or commercial uses. Hence the additional use request for the PD-H designation. This PD designation request was recommended by City staff as a "placeholder" until a new "H2" zoning category is adopted and applied by City Council.




Acres: 2.15

Present Use: varied, mostly vacant

Proposed Use: Multifamily, Townhomes, Commercial


3. ZC-22-041 CD 9
a. Site Location: 715, 717, 721, 725 Clear Lake Avenue; 515 N Hampton Street; 1301, 1404, 1402, 1101 E Peach Street; 1315 & 1403 Bluff St; 415, 519 N Nichols Street; 409, 415, 504, 508, 514, 518 Wall Street;
b. Acreage: 2.15
c. Applicant/Agent: Brewer & Hale, Testudo Residential & Holdings
d. Request:
From: “D” High-Density Multi-Family, “G” High Intensive Commercial, “J” Medium Industrial, & PD 1226 for “H” uses with
Downtown Urban Design District Overlay
To: “PD/H/DUDD” Planned Development for all uses in “H” Central Business District plus single-family detached, brewery, and distillery; site plan waived; within the Downtown Urban Design District Overlay; with a max height of ten (10) stories
This case will be heard by Council, May 24, 2022, 10:00 am

New Leaf Camp Bowie

10 May 2022 - 12:12 PM



Record DS-22-0116: 
Drainage Study
Record Status: In Review
Permit Address


Project Description:
New Leaf Camp Bowie
Permanent supportive housing development, low-density multi-family


Related Article, same group, different location: 



New Leaf Community Services: