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In Topic: AT&T Stadium

13 December 2022 - 09:25 AM

It is.  I remember reading 15 feet a couple of weeks ago.  It will be interesting to see how they accomplish that, especially since it's likely that they'll bring in a natural surface.


in the past I've seen several venues operate where they use pallets to create the base and the sod across the pallets, it allows for drainage away from the turf and helps act like soil to soften the ground instead of rolling sod on concrete.  In this case i would imagine they'll use stage decking to build up the height since its easy to level, and then pallets across the deck.


I would imagine then they'll replace close to 25-30% of the sod after each game

In Topic: University Avenue rebuild through Trinity Park

06 October 2022 - 01:40 PM


it seems unreal that the city has yet to put any sort of time controls on these projects or penalties for contractors not meeting deadlines

There are tradeoffs. Any contractor that agrees to penalties is likely going to demand a higher guaranteed price. The opposite goes for bonuses. The city is going to want a lower guaranteed price for early bonuses and contractors are going to be reluctant to agree to that in the current labor and materials market.



I know on the Montgomery St rework before the arena opened the contractor was graded and had project total based on the number of change orders accepted, so just flat refused to change anything.  Street not lining up with engress to driveways, no worries just build it as requested but don't change order it.  so then at the end they just started over . . . 

In Topic: Dickies Arena Events

29 September 2022 - 02:04 PM

Remember when there was concern that Dickies wouldn't get good concerts because it was smaller than the AAC?


I saw Muse open for U2 at AT&T in 2009.  They put on a good show.


next couple of weeks are scheduled for a handful more big time shows coming through as well!!

In Topic: Dickies Arena

08 September 2022 - 07:54 AM

We usually see anywhere from 5-15% use ride share coming to the arena.  If you consider the cost of parking, I think its about even for most people coming to events here.  We see on average just over 3 people per car, and most events get priced at $25 per car.  The City has a made some exceptions for things like graduations to have a lower rate, but since its City tax to pay back the cost of the building it can't be lower than that.  Last thought i always have, since there aren't options around the building to walk to for pre event dinner or post show drinks, I think the car becomes much more logical here.  Certainly different in Dallas when you can get dropped off at the front door and walk around.


There is a special bus line that goes from Sundance, through west 7th to the arena, and gets extended on event days,




but we see almost no usage there.  the Sports Commission arranges most of the hotels and usually puts groups downtown and then provides shuttles for contestants and athletes, but we see the tours and performance groups staying locally.  I.e., Disney on Ice the whole groups stays right across the freeway and walks back and forth.  Rod Stewarts group stayed at Dryce since they were here for a week of rehearsal (He did not, stayed in Dallas)



For the visitors that are staying in hotels near and around Dickies Arena but are not within walking distance, are they mainly renting cars or taking Ubers?  It just seems crazy to me that getting around town for an event would require anything more than a quick bus ride but I'd be curious how many people actually are willing to use the Metro to get to and from these events and how convenient is it to hop a bus from these hotels?  Dickies is close enough to major hot spots but far enough away that just simply walking from your hotel could be a chore in the elements unless you're staying at Dryce or somewhere within a mile or so.  Are most or some of the nearby hotels offering shuttles to the events?  I haven't found any mention of it yet but still looking.


TownePlace Suites south of I-30 I read one review where people were OK walking to an event at Dickies it says walking time is 18-minutes and less than 1-mile.  I'd be curious if the same feelings are true for hotels on University, that's a bit further away and a little harder to get to Dickies on foot without trying to cross major intersections.  Montgomery over I-30 is much more of a straight shot to the arena with plenty of good sidewalks last time I checked.



Fairfield Inn University: one person said they were in town for the McCartney concert but they took an Uber even though it was only a short distance.  I'd be questioning the cost of uber to and from the airport plus to and from Dickies vs renting a car and paying for parking at Dickies instead then at least you could check out some of the other places to eat around town too even if you're just here for one night.


In Topic: Dickies Arena

07 September 2022 - 08:04 AM



another big get for the arena, Add that to PBR World Finals, Bass Master Classic, NCAA Gymnastics Championships, NCAA Basketball Championships, Gymnastics US Championships, Wrestling Olympic Qualifying, and Rocket League World Championships, quickly becoming a place for World Chamionships