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In Topic: TCU Medical School

Today, 09:08 AM

I don't over here very often, but you can see the TCU tower crane way back here by TWU:




Structure taking shape:


In Topic: Overlooked and under-appreciated architecture

Today, 09:01 AM

I did a quick drive-by photo of $100M "Dhammacetiya: The Ancient Sacred Buddhist Scripture Stupas Project" on Rosedale.  It appears they have a big party tent set-up there, could be leftover from the festivities for ground breaking or party of regular celebrations until things get started on the project.  


dhammacetiya : (nt.) a shrine in which sacred texts are enshrined.








In Topic: 1200 6th Ave

Today, 08:45 AM

Here's a few photos of PS1200 from our post-lunch forum tour.  There was a couple gentlemen working, maybe we should have asked to peek inside upstairs?  It smelled like they were probably painting, there is a new barber shop (Standard Barber) going in the unit on the NW corner downstairs that smelled freshly painted.  


Things I liked: the metal façade and arched Quonset hut look is just as cool up close as it is from afar.  The overall layout is functional with separate street-level entrances for businesses on the back.   


Things that were confusing:  The landscaping and hardscaping felt out-of-place.  My impression was the architect was going for a rustic urban feel juxtaposing a clean modern building with wispy feathery trees.  I don't care for the flagstone.  It appears haphazardly placed and could present some challenges for people traversing them both slipping as well as the gaps between each stone have a sand or crushed stone that any sort of cart or especially wheelchair would get caught in.  I would have much rather seen them spend the money to do some different concrete finishes or even stained or stamped concrete to bring a cleaner / more modern feel to the exterior space.  The flagstone seems like it will be a mess to keep up with and not really sure how the occupants are or are not supposed to use that space.  Some concrete could have been used as a patio with tables and chairs.   I could tell they reached their budget limit when it came to exterior lighting.  There was a lack of any sort of site lighting other than a few oddly-placed step lights and some can lights in the soffit on ground level.  The main building has those white "Home Depot Special" exterior lights but I spotted a few "Jelly Jar" fixtures which are pretty cool.  My guess is they spec'd jelly jars throughout but either ran into budget or supply issues and the white Home Depot fixtures are meant to provide some lighting for now.  Site drainage at the rear of the building seemed thought out and the riprap rocks was sort of a cool feature to catch the falling water from above.  Site drainage at the front of the building, not so much.  There's a parking lot behind the building with all blue wheel stops and blue lines which seems strange, as if the whole thing is supposed to be handicapped parking?  I didn't count the number of stalls, but it appeared to be about 20.  Also the asphalt had some white stone mixed into the aggregate, this looked very strange to me. 






































In Topic: Martha Washington Candy Co. - 1412 W. Magnolia

Today, 07:42 AM

Here's a few photos from our forum lunch walk and talk.  I should have framed some of these wide angle shots better but took these on a whim.






















Hometown By Handlebar's article included this photo but it was also posted on the main page oldftw referencing Lisa Helbing's Rare Photos which is still an active Flickr page worth checking out sometime.  Hometown's caption reads:  (Photo from Digital Research Library of Illinois History Journal.)

In Topic: Forum Meetings - Last Friday of the Month: 11:45

Yesterday, 04:49 PM

I had a great time and enjoyed the conversation.