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Yesterday, 07:02 PM

I have lived in downtown Fort Worth for two years now and spent a lot of time walking the city, spending time downtown, and exploring Fort Worth,  I love this city so it pains me to say it out loud, but aside from John Goff and a few other entrepreneurs and institutions, Fort Worth is lacking true leadership.


The mayor is a good face for Fort Worth, but rarely speaks hard truths or makes things happen.  Fort Worth city management is sleepy and seems to do just enough to get by (see the state of the city's roads).  My opinion only, but it seems the entities marketing Fort Worth (Downtown Fort Worth Inc., FW Chamber of Commerce, Visit Fort Worth) are shooting blanks.  The exceptions might be the sports and film commissions.


My metaphor for the current state of Fort Worth leadership is the Texas & Pacific entry sidewalk.  I suppose my expectations were too high, but it has taken over 10 months to build a sidewalk and plant some bushes.  This was supposed to be the grand entrance from the trains to downtown, but it's not anywhere near a grand entrance.  They have yet to complete the lighting and remove the construction barriers (now piled off to the side).  Weeds dot the area and the benches along Lancaster are camp sites for vagrants.


It just seems no one is in charge and/or accountable.


Mac Engel is spot on.

In Topic: Southside developments

10 July 2024 - 03:41 PM

Well, this is the great news of the day!  Four Day Weekend is moving to Stage West according to the Fort Worth Report:




(Not sure this belongs in this thread, so John feel free to move it.)

In Topic: The Comings and Goings of FW Restaurants

25 June 2024 - 03:11 PM

Pulido's closing all locations.



The Pulido's on Pulido Street (off of Vickery) has reopened.  We had a late lunch there today.  They did a really nice job on the remodel.  The decor is still a bit rustic, but with an all new and clean feel to it.  They completely redid the bar and patio area, too, and it looks terrific.


The food was really good, and it didn't appear that the prices changed all that much.  Also impressive was the size of the crowd in the dining room at 3 in the afternoon.  The bar area was full.  I think this version of Pulido's has a very bright future.

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17 June 2024 - 01:53 PM

Gargoyle sighting at the Al Hayne memorial:



In Topic: The Comings and Goings of FW Restaurants

15 June 2024 - 02:11 PM


H-Tea-O coming to Mule Alley:


Occupancy Change of Use
128 E EXCHANGE AVE, SUITE 700, Fort Worth TX 76164



Mule Alley is the perfect location for that concept!  I wish they'd open one downtown.