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#46294 West 7th Development

Posted by safly on 12 May 2008 - 10:47 PM

I say if you park an SUV on 7th St. with either headin or parallel parking available, THEN YOU GET TICKETED! And I could care less if you have a HandicRap sticker too. And if you can't stand NOT having your space take priority over mine by law, then take the "Driving Miss Daisy" route. Besides, parking further from the action (on the street) is more work.

I have a design for head in parking along 7th, but some pathway RE will have to be chipped away in the process. But it would make for a neat sidewalk design.

Envision a Christmas tree silhouette, now cut it in half from the top down. Parking goes in deeper at the beginning of each parking lot. 8 spaces per parking lot.

A systematic jagged design if you will.

#45443 The "Bomber" Railroad Spur

Posted by safly on 13 April 2008 - 02:16 PM

Neat story tellin.
Glad I "clicked" on to the topic.

Seems like you two have plenty to tell about FW's unique modern history.

#42563 Wendy Davis resigns council seat

Posted by safly on 02 January 2008 - 02:45 PM

QUOTE (Kyle Carr @ Jan 2 2008, 08:08 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
QUOTE (safly @ Jan 1 2008, 09:58 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Funny what a new year can do to a local paper.

The few last paragraphs in particular could raise some concern about Wendy Davis and her camp.

Here are those last few paragraphs:
Brender said he spoke with Davis' attorney late Monday after three firefighters issued their challenge to Davis' candidacy. The Fort Worth Firefighters Association has endorsed Brimer. Brimer's campaign representative is Bryan Eppstein, who worked for the firefighters in their recent successful bid to bargain collectively with the city.

Eppstein in December called Davis "an enemy of police officers and firefighters in Tarrant County."

Brender said he also notified the Texas Secretary of State's Office regarding challenge.

Yes, indeed, it is very interesting. I lived in Mistletoe Heights for eight years and knew Wendy Davis. An enemy of police officers and firefighters??? I don't think so. Brimer is a desperate man. Will be interesting to see what other desperate measures he resorts to.

Wrong. I was refering to the other article. Did Brimer call for this move ??? The second article does not appear to indicate that. This was a FFAssoc. backed move based on my observations. If he is in fact a desperate man, then he would be the first incumbent to be labeled that based on my recollections.

The next Q should be WHY the FFAssoc. DOES NOT ENDORSE the other candidate(s)?

Indeed, it is a very bold statement to lay out on the wire, but is there SOME MERIT?
Was the quote ORIGINATED by a member of those mentioned Assoc.'s in Tarrant County?

I would like EPPSTEIN to elaborate further on the position taken. Or at least the reporter should explain the stance for us.

#40566 Wendy Davis resigns council seat

Posted by safly on 08 October 2007 - 05:41 PM

It's the real deal. And he still needs your help. So let's do what we can. Clock is ticking. One more month left.

Keep them "dukes" up BERNIE.

#17553 Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm

Posted by safly on 19 October 2005 - 10:10 PM

Great, looks like Palm Springs.

#15294 Speaking of Arlington

Posted by safly on 08 August 2005 - 09:30 PM

I hear they have a great Architectual school. Maybe they could apply their learnings into a new project to attract residents and urban junkies. Maybe.

Student populations are fertile ground for diverse neighborhoods

And THRIVING ones too.

#13967 Public Art

Posted by safly on 01 July 2005 - 11:17 PM

Yes! Absolutely YES! I do not mind our city taxes subsidizing our efforts to help better serve our art endeavours of our future.

Keep Fort Worth Artsy! ;)

#11876 City Council Elections

Posted by safly on 07 May 2005 - 11:31 PM

My guess is that there were no real big "issues" involved with this election and the fact that so many of the council members were running unopposed.

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If people really cared, then yes there would be some "real" big issues.
1) N.Main St. Mercado district, money woes tied in with the project, little print time from DFWST.
2) TIF needs to be under review and fit the right mold for what FW is all about. Are we a fiscally conservative municipality, as many of CC folks ran with last year, or are we liked to liberal spenders?
3) TRV needs to be under review and asked of what our CC members feel the impact will be, the cost, the rwards, the pain in the neck traffic, etc. etc.
4) Property tax review, are our roads benefiting from it, are the schools benefiting. Chase the money trail for the voting citizens.
5) Why Lobs is not running for Distr. 9? If I still lived there, I would run, as SAFLY.
6) Where is the townhall meeting? When? Why it is not promoted from election year to election year in a public open forum.
7) Do CC officials weigh in on city matters with what the FWAForum members post about?
8) What is in the future for already executed TIF projects? How does the state of the job market fair in this city, and where is it projected, and under who's watch?
9) Are jobs promised through TIF projects and if so what kind (low/high wage), and how many (temp./permanent)
10) Will FW have a MLeague sports franchise in the next 4 years?
11) What impact (positive/negative) DFWInc. has on businesses within the CBD, and beyond the SS theme.
12) Impact that the DTFW residential RE market has on our economy? Long term and near? To what extent?
*13) How far are the CC members of FW and it's assoc. with the Arts, willing to back and support the numerous artists (dancers, musicians, visual-artists, educators, and etc.) involved with the overall welfare/promotions of the Arts? Are CC members of FW willing to allow certain municipal tax breaks for educators and player/performers alike in this arena? Are they willing to back these performers in times of contract negotiations for better wages, expanding growth, and community involvement(s)? Are CC members willing to support/offer municipal sponsorship(s) for continued growth and success of the Arts?
*14) What does the future hold for us in the idea/planning for more manageable, more effecient, and more cost-effective measures to be taken in the MASS TRANSIT Revolution for FWians, Tarrant County, and N. Texas commuters? And WHO exactly is For or Against these measures? What is the timetable for these measures? What is the estimated cost for these measures?

And Finally #15) Are we willing to work with fellow N.Texas cities and counties to bring this vision into a reality, or are we still settling on the Mayors push for the SH121T vision?

Anything else, fill em in.

NOW is the time to voice your concerns folks. ;)