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#146266 Who lives in that house?

Posted by John T Roberts on Yesterday, 09:01 PM

A developer bought the property when the house was still standing.  They had plans to subdivide those two lots.  I don't know if the zoo ever tried to buy the land. 

#146234 Fort Worth Schools

Posted by John T Roberts on Yesterday, 08:50 AM

It is now a code requirement for new schools to have storm shelters large enough to house the entire student body within them. After touring Overton Park Elementary School for my continuing education last year, I learned that the gymnasium was built as a storm shelter.  For a school with no basement, a weather hardened concrete gym would suffice.  

#146226 The T's new Master Plan

Posted by John T Roberts on Yesterday, 06:50 AM

There is a story in the Fort Worth Report about Trinity Metro's, new, modern bus stops:  Juan Salinas II, wrote the story.



#146225 Texas A&M to build urban satellite campus in Fort Worth

Posted by John T Roberts on 30 May 2023 - 09:44 PM

I'm with you, Jeriat.  I said I didn't care for it, but I do look at the bigger picture and I think that this will breathe life into that part of Downtown.  I hope that this campus will generate development on all of the remaining surface parking lots in that quadrant.

#146158 TEXRail

Posted by John T Roberts on 25 May 2023 - 07:03 PM

There's not a lot of vacant land around the Berry Street station.  The density is being increased by tearing down one story, 1,200 square foot, single family homes and building  3 story stealth dorms in their place, where allowed by zoning. 


As for the wayfinding to TEXRail, when the line first opened, I sent in a suggestion to improve wayfinding from the terminals.  On my first trip on the line, it was my sole purpose to see if I could get around DFW Airport by taking the train.  I know my way around the airport fairly well, but I did have trouble getting from the station to Terminal B and to the shuttle busses.  I also checked out the connection to DART and had to walk along sidewalks without wayfinding to get to Terminal A and to the DART Orange Line Station.

#146116 902 Houston street

Posted by John T Roberts on 23 May 2023 - 08:59 AM

This falls inline with the previously announced closing of the Houston Street Bar & Patio.

#146061 Deco 969 - 27 Floors, 315 ft. - 969 Commerce St.

Posted by John T Roberts on 21 May 2023 - 05:40 PM

As you can see, I get reflections from the other windows on that floor.  However, I do like that view.  Personally, I think the southern wing should have been 10 stories taller.

#146058 Hilton Hotel Annex Sold

Posted by John T Roberts on 21 May 2023 - 05:24 PM

More steel has been erected on the roof.  This view is from the 24th floor of the Kimpton Harper Hotel.


52915369526_15148d07a4_k.jpglemeridien-05-21-23 by jtrobert, on Flickr

#146057 Deco 969 - 27 Floors, 315 ft. - 969 Commerce St.

Posted by John T Roberts on 21 May 2023 - 05:16 PM

Here are today's photographs of Deco 969.  Glazing only has one more floor to go.  The balcony rails have started to be installed, and in the open areas inside the parking garage below some of the balconies, now have grilles installed over the openings.  I also went up to the lobby of the Kimpton Harper Hotel to take a picture of the building.


Yet to come in another thread, a photograph of the construction progress on the Le Meridien Hotel (Hilton Hotel Annex).  Finally the new rooftop floor's steel framing is being erected.  With this floor being set back from the face of the building, it is barely noticeable from the street.


52915316026_157dc09e5d_k.jpgdeco969-05-21-23-1 by jtrobert, on Flickr


52915468599_28f8b3e05d_k.jpgdeco969-05-21-23-2 by jtrobert, on Flickr


52915770048_71fb128847_k.jpgdeco969-05-21-23-3 by jtrobert, on Flickr


52914733212_a55d118a1a_k.jpgdeco969-05-21-23-4 by jtrobert, on Flickr

#146055 Major Dental Work in Progress for John Roberts

Posted by John T Roberts on 21 May 2023 - 04:49 PM

You all have probably wondered why I haven't been posting as much.  Here's the answer.  After 65 years and a lot of dental work, some of my teeth finally gave out in the middle of March.  Due to some other dental issues, we decided that the best course of action was dental implants.  On the Friday of Main Street, I went in for oral surgery to remove most of my upper front teeth.  I have been following up weekly with the periodontist, who performed the first phase of the surgery.  One of my follow ups was on the Friday of the April Forum Meeting, and that's why I couldn't make it.  I have been fitted with a temporary bridge, but I can't eat with it.  It also doesn't fit the greatest and the first thing, when I removed it, a crown on one of the remaining teeth was taken off.  Due to a couple of jaw bone defects, I will be headed toward bone grafts in a few months.  The periodontist said that this process will take anywhere from four months up to possible a year.  For two weeks, I was on a liquid diet and now I can eat soft foods.  I have tried to work as many hours as I could because I can't afford to miss work.  Even though I feel pretty good, I'm pretty tired when I get home. I wanted to let you all know what was going on with me.  I have another followup procedure on Friday at Noon, so I will be missing the forum meeting again this month.

#146027 Texas A&M to build urban satellite campus in Fort Worth

Posted by John T Roberts on 20 May 2023 - 01:00 PM

Brick manufacturers offer multiple shades and blends for one set price.  Usually the common colors and blends from the same manufacturer are all around the same price and there is not a big difference between them.  Special bricks, particular kinds of bricks, special sizes, or uncommon colors do have price increases. 

#145989 Texas A&M to build urban satellite campus in Fort Worth

Posted by John T Roberts on 18 May 2023 - 09:32 PM

Architecture is subjective. 

#145988 Fort Worth Moves into 16th Place, 13th, Then 12th Place

Posted by John T Roberts on 18 May 2023 - 09:30 PM

I still can't believe the city has grown so much.

#145986 Texas A&M to build urban satellite campus in Fort Worth

Posted by John T Roberts on 18 May 2023 - 09:11 PM

I really don't care for it.

#145967 Tarleton State University plans 80-acre campus in Far SW FW

Posted by John T Roberts on 18 May 2023 - 07:55 AM

Nice photos.  I haven't been out there since right after the campus opened, I probably should take another look.