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Store customers, beware!

09 December 2022 - 08:21 AM

I shop at a local supermarket, a neighborhood Walmart.  The other day, I picked up a large bag of dry beans directly above the price sticker $1.98.  We all know about price inflation and that, say a year ago, the same product probably sold for 98 cents.  But when I scanned the bag of beans at the self-checkout, the price read $3.88.  Since I only had a few groceries items, I immediately spotted this and asked an employee for a price check.  I was right and the price was corrected on the machine.


This sort of point-of-purchase price deception is not new, it's been happening for years.  And not just at Walmart.  But, in this age of inflation when prices are constantly going higher, apparently store managers can't keep up with the correct price stickers.


Customers with numerous groceries items to check out may not spot these point-of-purchase price deceptions.  Many customers may be getting ripped off!  I wonder how much stores like Walmart are raking in $ from unsuspecting customers?

TX DOT's southeast project

01 December 2022 - 11:06 AM

I didn't see a post on this already.  TX DOT is breaking ground on major highway upgrades here.




Isn't Westlake a suburb of Fort Worth?

23 November 2022 - 10:59 AM

I ask the question because I read a news article that a certain Georgia senate candidate (no political statement intended here) has his primary residence in Tarrant County.  Being curious I checked TAD which shows the candidate has his homestead in Westlake.  The article says the residence is in the "Dallas, Texas area."


You all know I've got a beef about people confusing the Fort Worth area with Dallas.  Guess I'm being picky here, but I always thought Westlake, Southlake, Roanoke, etc. were more suburbs of Fort Worth than of Dallas.  At least Wikipedia thinks so.

EV charging stations

04 November 2022 - 09:38 AM

I don't believe there's a thread directly on this subject.  More EV charging stations in our area are being installed at various locations.  Two sites I've observed--Tesla has some parking spaces on a lot off Whitmore Street just east of the Maple Branch Craft Brewery, and the Target Super Store near Montgomery Plaza recently erected a number of them on its parking lot.

New QT's traffic problem?

22 September 2022 - 10:10 AM

Occupying an office building at the corner of West 13th and Florence, I'm concerned about the increased traffic flow at this location once the new QuikTrip is constructed and opens for business.


QT will be situated just to the northeast of the busy intersection at Henderson and Lancaster.  I have seen the art drawing which doesn't appear to show any fuel pumps.  Nevertheless, QT is sure to generate more traffic at that intersection.  Motor vehicle ingress and egress so close to that intersection can't help but cause some traffic congestion, particularly during rush-hour periods. 


But I'm more concerned about potential congestion at ingress-egress off the narrow Florence Street and, as that may affect the east-west traffic flow on the much narrower West 13th Street.


I'm not against QTs.  But I often drive west on Lancaster and turn right onto Florence to my office building, and I often go north on Henderson and turn right onto West 13th toward the office.  The new QT portends to complicate my driving experience at this location.