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Inside Public Market

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#1 Austin55


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Posted 04 May 2015 - 08:03 PM

I recently had another photographer ask me if I knew any abandond buildings around town they could use for a photoshoot. I mentioned a few, and with the help of this site and TAD, they contacted a few owners. The owner of the Market said yes. They invited me to go to. 



The view upon walking in, 

17186407618_950ab32a32_o.jpgDSC_0863 by Micro55, on Flickr



The whole building does have power, but it seems its only purpose is to power the motion detectors throughout. 


17348254996_8c6e9f682c_o.jpgDSC_0862 by Micro55, on Flickr


"Don't Demolish Motion detonator" makes me assume that they will be gutting the inside at some point. 


17373803941_27bd9d620a_o.jpgDSC_0932 by Micro55, on Flickr


About half of the main floor has had an addition to convert it into 2 floors. This second floor is shoddy and falling apart badly. The large windows are the ones which face north.


17186615140_214a02a7e7_o.jpgDSC_0871 by Micro55, on Flickr



17187859649_111cc14729_o.jpgDSC_0950 by Micro55, on Flickr



17186608590_edc6def1af_o.jpgDSC_0875 by Micro55, on Flickr


The upstairs is a maze, full of sketchy floors and lack of walls and overwhelming mildew smell. 


17166721677_2cc469727a_o.jpgDSC_0888 by Micro55, on Flickr


16751648794_c9c5135925_o.jpgDSC_0892 by Micro55, on Flickr


What the hell is going on here...


16751610524_8385e9dc79_o.jpgDSC_0927 by Micro55, on Flickr


The building also has an extensive basement. This is even more of a maze, small rooms, no lights, narrow halls, 90 degree corners, its very scary. I was uncomfortable the whole time I was down there. The camera flash makes it appear much brighter than it was. 


17166662577_a7d19058f1_o.jpgDSC_0936 by Micro55, on Flickr


Rooms everywhere.

17186542140_81ccf1f03e_o.jpgDSC_0937 by Micro55, on Flickr


Very little furnite or decor is left, but here is something that will interest many on here, stacks of old AIA magazines we found. I badly wanted to take some out with me. 
17372148972_247f85a252_o.jpgDSC_0942 by Micro55, on Flickr



So ofcourse the part I was most excited about was the tower. Right by the main entrance is a ladder which is straight up, I put my backpack on and climbed up it. I'm not to fond of heights so I was a bit nervous about this, its about 2 floors striaght up. But, the room at the top is VERY cool. 

Here's a shoot from inside it, with the hole where the ladder comes in. 

17373756541_1cdc8de117_o.jpgDSC_0960 by Micro55, on Flickr


Very weird being up here, can't imagine many other people have ever been in it. 


A view looking straight up from within it, 

16751565394_d7b99c056e_o.jpgDSC_0953 by Micro55, on Flickr


17374082565_3142f83594_o.jpgDSC_0963 by Micro55, on Flickr

While up here, my camera quit. It would only shoot pure black shots. Not sure what happened with it, That last fisheye is the last one to work. My assumption-the tower is haunted by camera ghosts. The other interesting things about the tower is the lack of cupola (or whatever the very top bit is called) access, I didn't realize until after we left there is another ladder on the outside on the back which is accessible from the roof. 



Unfortunately , I wasn't able to talk the guy who actually let us in. I wanted to ask what the plans for the building are and when they might take place, but nothing. 

more pictures on my flickr, https://www.flickr.c...th/17374082565/

#2 JBB


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Posted 04 May 2015 - 08:50 PM

Very cool. Thanks for sharing. The interior really is a mess, but it certainly looks salvageable. I'm betting the batteries are back-up for the alarm system.

#3 John T Roberts

John T Roberts


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Posted 04 May 2015 - 10:06 PM

It looks like it has a lot of potential.  I can't wait to see the restoration.

#4 dangr.dave


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Posted 05 May 2015 - 08:50 AM


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