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In Topic: TEXRail

15 January 2023 - 03:51 AM

This makes me wonder... what happens if TEXRail gets extended to Summer Creek or Tarleton State?


They'll have to buy more trains yet, and it doesn't seem like the existing tiny maintenance facility can hold more than a dozen trains.

In Topic: TEXRail

14 January 2023 - 03:38 AM

Caltrains runs between downtown SF and SJ, and on even further to Gilroy.

Your high frequency train service does not extend beyond SJ to Gilroy. It never will.

TexRail is more akin to SJ to Gilroy than FW to D. TRE is more akin to your high frequency services than TexRail.

And it does not have the higher frequencies either. 




Really? Does Gilroy have a major international airport with thousands of employees and tens of thousands of local passengers?


Although TEXRail is technically "commuter rail" since it runs on freight tracks, it serves the same purpose as the DART Orange Line (light rail) or BART Yellow Line (heavy metro rail).


And, Denver's "commuter rail" line between Downtown and DEN Airport runs at 15-minute headways all day.

In Topic: TEXRail

14 January 2023 - 03:09 AM

At the TEXRail anniversary event downtown, I brought up hourly TEXRail frequencies and told the Trinity Metro employee that it was inadequate for airport employees and leisure riders.


She agreed with me, and says Trinity Metro is aware that hourly headways are inadequate for the majority of riders (and that office workers are a minority of riders).


But, she says there aren't enough trains for 30-minute headways all day, and that Trinity Metro is looking into buying more trains to increase frequency.


Apparently, TEXRail trains can't run all day, and get switched out at some point during the day. I guess that would be at the start / end of 30-minute headway periods.

In Topic: Oncor/Old Electric Building Getting Revamp

14 January 2023 - 02:29 AM

I'm conflicted on this. I'm happy to see more apartments, but hate to see downtown lose even more office space.


Over the last decade, there have been a dozen or so office buildings converted into residential or hospitality, and only one new office building built to offset all that loss of office space.

In Topic: West 7th Development

14 January 2023 - 02:04 AM

Varsity Tavern closing isn't a huge loss, but with several other bars closing for new development, I'm concerned about the future of bars in this area. This is a fun area to bar hop. I'd hate to see every bar disappear.