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1924; 1935; 1990; 2004; 2008

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    500 Commerce


GAINSCO Building
APCOA Garage
City Parking Garage
Shepherd's Garage
Tom Bailey's Garage
Gregory Mansion Garage
Dunn's "Mansion" Garage


This garage was built on the site of the Mansion Hotel (destroyed by fire in 1920). The garage was constructed as a 3 story concrete building in 1924. The opening date was October 27. The contractor for this project was Walter G. Hollingsworth.  Three additional stories were added in 1935 and the garage served as parking for the Blackstone Hotel. In 1990 the building's facade was significantly altered when the structure became the headquarters of GAINSCO Insurance. A gabled 7th floor was added at that time. Architects for the adaptive re-use were Cauble-Hoskins, and Sedalco was the General Contractor. Renovations in the late 1990's for GAINSCO were done by Halbach-Dietz Architects. GAINSCO has since relocated and the building was remodeled again for Wagner Oil in 2004.  The architect for the those renovations was Robert W. Kelly.  In 2008, the building was renovated due to the construction of the Caceria Building, next door. These renovations add more retail space by enclosing the northern bay on the ground floor of the building.


1944 Photograph of Building from UTA Libraries Digital Gallery


Architectural Style:

Cauble-Hoskins, Fort Worth

Office Building/Parking Garage