Renaissance Worthington Hotel

200 Main St. - 1981

  • Renaissance Worthington Hotel from 2nd & Main
    Renaissance Worthington Hotel from 2nd and Main
  • Renaissance Worthington Hotel at Dusk
    Renaissance Worthington Hotel at Dusk
  • Renaissance Worthington Hotel from Roof of Blackstone Hotel
    Renaissance Worthington Hotel from Roof of Blackstone Hotel


Worthington Hotel
Americana Hotel


This 504 room hotel, designed by 3D International from Houston, Texas, and built by Linbeck Construction Co., features one of the more unique building forms in the city. The building is 13 stories and occupies three city blocks with the tower of the hotel spanning over Houston Street. In order to relate to the historic structures in Sundance Square along Main Street, the concrete building has an eastern wall that slopes down to 3 stories along Main Street. This sloping of the wall also preserves views of the Tarrant County Courthouse and allows for balconies in some hotel rooms. The hotel sits on three city blocks.  The western most blocks were the site of Leonard's Department Store.  The easternmost block was the site of Stripling's Department Store.  Both department stores were demolished in 1979 to construct the hotel.  The hotel has two lobbies, one for the hotel proper and the other for the ballrooms, meeting rooms, and convention facilities. Over the last few years, the hotel has been completely remodeled and the architect for that work was David M. Schwarz. The hotel will is now a part of Marriott's Renaissance Chain; thus, "Renaissance" has been added to the name.  Vidalia's is one of the restaurants within the hotel.

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From the Jack White Collection of Historic Fort Worth Photos, University of Texas at Arlington:
Implosion of Stripling's Department Store

From UTA Libraries Digital Gallery:
1941 Photo of Stripling's 1911-18 Houston St. Bldg.
1949 Photo of Stripling's Main Street facade


Architectural Style:



3D International, Houston