Architecture in Fort Worth

Winfree Building

608 Main - 1890, remodeled 1974, restored 2001 (NR, FWHSE)

This two story building was constructed by attorney C.V. Winfree for his office.  The second location of the White Elephant Saloon occupied the ground floor from 1896 until 1907.  In 1908, local businessman Winfield Scott purchased the building.  For over 93 years, this structure was owned Scott and his heirs.  A connection was made from the Floyd J. Holmes Building for Haltom's Jeweler's in 1937.  The building was remodeled around 1974 when a storefront and stucco facade were added.  This remodeling matched renovations to the adjacent Floyd J. Holmes Building that were done at the same time.  Behind this stucco front, the original  facade remained and has now been uncovered.  The building is of the same period and resembles those of Sundance Square.   A local developer purchased the property and the adjacent Holmes Building and has restored them.  The Winfree Building is now a part of the Ashton Hotel.  The building has been fully restored and has a ballroom and meeting rooms on the upper floor.  Robert W. Kelley of Fort Worth is the architect for the project.


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During Restoration:

After Restoration: