Ridglea Village No. 2  ENDANGERED!

6021 Camp Bowie Blvd. - 1947

Ridglea Village No. 2 was constructed across Camp Bowie Blvd. from Ridglea Village No. 1.  Both projects were developed by A.C. Luther.  It carries the same Mediterranean styling from the first project.  The building has red tile roof with brick walls and cantilevered balconies.  The front half of the building was constructed in 1947.  The building was expanded to the south somewhere around 1950.  When this complex opened, the main tenant of the structure was the Ridglea State Bank, located on the corner of Camp Bowie and Winthrop.  The bank built larger quarters a few blocks away in 1972.  In 1950, Luther constructed the Ridglea Theater on the property immediately to the east.  The theater matches the style of the other buildings in the development.  On June 21, 2010, word leaked out that Bank of America was interested in purchasing this property, along with the companion theater building.  The possible plans for the property include demolition of the front portion of this retail/office building and portions of the adjacent theater building.  The back portion of the building will remain, since it is under different ownership.  The area where Ridglea Village No. 2 currently sits will be used for parking.

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