Architecture in Fort Worth

Frost Bank Camp Bowie Financial Center

3859 Camp Bowie Blvd. - 1940; 1985

Summit Bank
Camp Bowie National Bank
Bowie Theater

The Bowie Theater was constructed in 1940 at the end of a commercial strip situated along the south side of Camp Bowie Blvd.  After being closed for a number of years, it was purchased in the mid 1980's and converted into a bank.  In 1985, the Camp Bowie National Bank opened inside the old theater.  At that time, the exterior was restored.  The marquee was used as an entrance canopy and the monumental sign tower was repaired.  For many years, the sign still had the "Bowie" name on the building.  Eventually, the bank changed its name to Summit Community Bank and the "Bowie" sign was replaced with a backlit "Summit" sign.  At night, facade is illuminated and neon highlights the tower and a corner of the building.  Recently, the Summit Banks were purchased by Frost Bank.  Now the sign on the tower has been changed to read "Frost" vertically and "Bank" in smaller letters at the bottom of the tower.  The new sign is now exposed neon and is similar to the original "Bowie" theater sign.