Architecture in Fort Worth

Arlington Heights High School

4501 West Freeway - 1936-37; 1949-50; 1958; 1980; 1988; 2004


Construction of this elegant high school building was funded by the W.P.A. in 1936-37 to replace the smaller W.C. Stripling High School on Clover Lane.  The building was designed by Preston M. Geren and built by Butcher and Sweeney.  The design is Georgian Revival and the symmetrical facade features red brick with a gabled roof center section with two story wings housing the Auditorium and Gymnasium.  A central, forward projecting portico on the front and rear of the original building serves as the main entrance. The crossing of the two gables are highlighted by a cupola and lantern.  Arlington Heights sits on a hilltop with a commanding view out the back of the building over the Trinity River Valley.  The site was formally landscaped with a grand stairway leading out the rear of the school to the grounds.  In 1950 and 1958, wings were added to the rear of the building on the east and west sides, yet still keeping the grand stair intact.  In 1980, another addition connected the two wings, thereby enclosing the stair within a split level courtyard.  Another addition, completed in 2004, expanded the band hall, added a dance studio and 6 classrooms.

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