Weber Building

302 Main St. - c.1885; remodeled 1915; restored 1981

  • Weber Building
    Weber Building

Historic Designation:
City of Fort Worth Demolition Delay


This building was one of the first structures rehabilitated in the Sundance Square development. An interesting thing happened to this structure during the course of time. During a remodeling project around 1915, the cast iron columns were removed from the ground floor of this building and placed on the Bridal Building next door to the north. In 1981, the Bass Brothers restored the facade of the 2 story building, constructed a new building inside, and installed the columns in their original location. It is now the home of the Thomas Kincade Gallery. Riscky's Barbeque occupies the rear portion of the building.  The architect for the restoration was Thomas E. Woodward & Associates and the contractor was Thos. S. Byrne.


Architectural Style:

Restoration Architect:
Thomas E. Woodward & Associates, Dallas

Restoration Contractor:
Thos. S. Byrne, Fort Worth

Retail/Office Building