United States Courthouse

501 W. 10th St. - 1933

  • Front Facade of the United States Courthouse
    Front Facade of the United States Courthouse
  • Rear Facade of the United States Courthouse
    Rear Facade of the United States Courthouse

Historic Designation:
National Register of Historic Places


This Moderne styled Art Deco courthouse was designed by Paul Philippe Cret in association with Wiley G. Clarkson. James I. Barnes Construction Co. was the General Contractor.  The exterior has wonderful examples of geometric elements and ziggurat shapes. The building combines both Beaux Arts and Moderne elements in a five story building.  The interior has been altered somewhat over the years and some of the Moderne detailing has been removed, most notably in the main lobby of the building which runs the full length of the structure along 10th Street.  Due to security reasons, the building's main entrance has been moved to Lamar Street.  Within the main lobby, offices have been extended into the space, reducing the width by about 3/4.  The main lobby is merely a corridor with a high ceiling.  However, the elements from the original design that are visible have been restored, including the windows.  All of the building main corridors and staircases have been restored along with two courtrooms on the 2nd and 4th floors.  Both are two story rooms that are expressed in the center bay of the south elevation of the building.  The 4th floor, U.S. Court of Appeals courtroom contains three murals depicting events of Texas History.  Painted in 1940, their titles are "Taking of Sam Bass" and "Texas Rangers in Camp".  The third and smaller mural is the flag and seal of the State of Texas.


Architectural Style:
Art Deco

Design Architect:
Paul Philippe Cret, Philadelphia

Associate Architect:
Wiley, G. Clarkson, Fort Worth

James I. Barnes Construction Company

Government Courts Building