Montgomery Ward/Tindall Storage Building

801 Grove St. - c.1911

  • Current Photo of Tindall Record Storage
    Current Photo of Tindall Record Storage
  • Historic Photo of Tindall Record Storage Provided by Scott Tindall
    Historic Photo of Tindall Record Storage Provided by Scott Tindall

Historic Designation:
National Register of Historic Places
City of FW HIghly Significant Endangered Landmark


This 5 story building was constructed to house Montgomery Ward & Company's mail order and catalog operations.  Montgomery Ward occupied the building until 1924 when they moved to the old Chevrolet Plant (now demolished) on West 7th Street.  In 1929, Ward's moved across 7th Street to their landmark building that renovated in 2005.  Fakes & Co. used the Grove Street building as a warehouse after Ward's moved, and may have also used the Hunt-Hawes Grocer Building next door.  After Fakes moved out, both buildings were owned by and housed the Fort Worth Paper Co.  until they were sold to Polluck Paper Co.  The buildings were soon separated and the Hunt-Hawes building was sold to Alarm Supply, Inc. and this structure was sold to Taylor Appliance and was used for warehouse sales.  It was later sold to Tindall Storage.

The building features and original pressed tin ceiling on the first and second floors, with upper floors housing warehouse operations with exposed wood structural members.  Like the Hunt-Hawes building next door, the warehouse features load bearing brick walls with a friction held structural system of wood columns, beams, and joists.  The two warehouses also share a common load bearing brick wall with openings between them on the first, third, and fourth floors.  Tindall Record Storage restored the building. They later sold the building to XTO Energy. They hired Schwarz-Hanson to convert the entire building to office space. With their partial exit from Fort Worth, XTO sold it to The Fort Worth Transportation Authority.   With the construction of the Fort Worth Central Station just a few blocks away, this building could become the cornerstone of new development around the transportation hub.  


Architectural Style:
Early 20th Century

Former Warehouse/Office Building