Vybek Building

900 Houston St. - c.1910

  • Vybek Building
    Vybek Building

Historic Designation:
City of Fort Worth Demolition Delay


Thompson's Bookstore
Bonita Hotel


This 3 story building is a good example of commercial architecture present in Fort Worth during the early 1900's. The third floor features arched windows and decorative brick work. The owner has restored the building. The upper floors once housed a hotel and the interiors are still intact and have been restored. Office space is available on those upper floors. The Fort Worth Pharmacy was listed as its first tenant. Gross Clothing  Co. occupied the building from 1913 until 1918. They were followed by the Atlantic Coffee Co. during the 1920's. From the mid-1930's until early 1970's, Ward's Cut-Rate Drugs was a retail tenant. Thompson's Bookstore occupied the building from 1973 until a few years before the building was restored. Since then, the building has been the home of several bars. The most recent is Thompson's Bookstore Cocktail Bar.

Historic Photos from UTA Library Digital Galleries:
1950 Photograph

Architectural Style:
Early 20th Century

Retail/Office Building