The Commerce Building

420 Commerce St. - 2013

  • The Commerce Building
    The Commerce Building
  • The Commerce Building from Sundance Square Plaza
    The Commerce Building from Sundance Square Plaza

The Sundance Square Plaza opened on November 1, 2013 along with two bookend buildings.  The public plaza centers on the 400 block of Main Street.  The Commerce is one of these bookends.  This building faces Commerce Street and was built on the north side of the Land Title Block.  The small building on the north side of the Land Title Block was demolished as a part of the project, but restoration did occur on the historic bank building.  The Flying Saucer, the only tenant inside the Land Title Block, moved to a location one block to the north on 3rd Street, inside the Knights of Pythias Club Building for the construction and restoration.  The Commerce Building is five stories and has approximately 83,000 square feet.  On the ground floor, there is approximately 17,000 square feet of retail or restaurant space.   The facade of this building is red brick with the facade on 3rd Street being of a slightly different color brick and different detailing.  The building was designed by David M. Schwarz Architectural Servies with Fort Worth's Bennett, Benner Partners as Associate Architects.  The restaurant leases have patio seating within Sundance Square Plaza.


Architectural Style:


Design Architect:

David M. Schwarz Architectural Services, Washington

Associate Architect:

Bennett Benner Partners, Fort Worth


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