Sundance West

333 Throckmorton St. - 1991

  • Sundance West from the Northwest
    Sundance West from the Northwest
  • Norris Conference Center Entrance
    Norris Conference Center Entrance

This mixed use structure was the first apartment building constructed in Downtown Fort Worth during its renaissance. It was designed by David M. Schwarz of Washington, D.C. and it wraps around Reata at Sundance Square. It was built by Linbeck Construction. The 12 story building with 59 apartments has four distinct facades. On Throckmorton Street, the building is at its full height and is red brick with white cast stone trim and a green metal roof. On Houston Street, two and three story turn of the century facades have been replicated. (These buildings were present on the site up until construction started.) The 2nd & 3rd Street facades give the impression that there are four separate buildings facing each of those streets. Each portion of that facade steps down to make the transition from the 12 story apartment block to the 2 or 3 story pedestrian scale of Houston Street. On the ground floor of the building are shops and restaurants and a former movie theater entrance. From 1991 until 2007, floors 2 through 5 housed the AMC Sundance 11 Theater. The apartments begin on the sixth floor. The theater was the first constructed in Downtown in over 50 years. After the theater closed, Norris Conference Centers took the space, leveled the floors, and converted it into a multi-use conference center. This conversion was designed by Halbach-Dietz Architects.


Views no longer available due to new construction:
Looking north on Throckmorton Street from 2002
From intersection of 4th & Main from 2002


Architectural Style:

Post Modern


David M. Schwarz Architectural Services, Washington, D.C.


Linbeck, Fort Worth


Apartment Building