Architecture in Fort Worth

Worth Heights Elementary School

519 E. Butler St. - 1954; 1957; 1979; 1989; 2003


This Mid-Century Modern school building was designed by C.O. Chromaster and was built by the B. & H. Construction Company. This permanent school building replaced eight framed buildings that had previously been on the northern portion of the site and serving as the school. Most of the building is two stories with minimal ornamentation. However, there are decorative brick panels below the windows and polished stone at the ends of the original building. There are also stone pilasters at the entrances. When the school was air conditioned, the upper portions of the original window openings have been infilled with metal panels. The original school building was oriented in an east/west direction facing E. Butler Street. The 1957 addition was added to the west side of the school. In 1979, an activities building was added as a free standing building directly to the north. The 1989 addition expanded the school with a wing to the northeast side of the building running along the South Freeway Service Road. This portion of the building is only one story. The 2003 addition was built in the courtyard behind the original building and formed by the previous additions, and is two stories in height. With this addition, all portions of the building connect to each other without the students being forced to go outdoors.