1953 Addition:

1914 Bldg. & 1927 Addition:
Richard Wilson Elementary School

2002 & 1953 Addition:

Richard Wilson Elementary School

900 W. Fogg St. - 1914; 1927; 1953; 2002

In 1913, the South Fort Worth Common School District purchased this property from the Interurban Land Co.  In 1914, the school opened as South Fort Worth School and it was designed for three classrooms per floor.  The basement, is heavily rusticated and is a slightly darker color brick than of the upper two floors.  The central bay of the original building projects slightly outward on both sides.  The building is constructed with red brick and cast stone window sills, coping, and decorative banding.  From 1917 until 1925, the school served as a high school  In 1922, South Fort Worth was annexed by the City of Fort Worth and the school district was absorbed into the Fort Worth Independent School District.  The school was then renamed South Fort Worth Elementary School.  In 1927, two wings with two levels were constructed on the east and west sides of the building.  The floors in the wings align with the stair landings of the original building.  They matched the original in style and detailing.  In 1953, a one story, "U" shaped addition that housed classrooms, offices, an auditorium, and a cafeteria were constructed in front of the main building.  This addition was clad in yellow brick as a contrast to the main building.  In 1987, a concrete panel activities building was constructed to the northeast of the main building, but detached from it.  The last addition, constructed in an "L" around the main building opened in 2002, and uses a palette of yellow and red brick to match all buildings.  Richard Wilson was a long time principal, and after his retirement, the school was renamed in his honor.

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