University Baptist Church

2720 Wabash Ave. - 1951; 1958; 1974

The church dates its beginning to 1929 and church services were held in rented spaces until 1931.  At that time property was purchased at the present location.  The church sits directly across W. Cantey Street from the Texas Christian University Campus.  The first building on the site was a small stucco church.  A new sanctuary was built in 1951 and it remains today as the W. Ray Watson Chapel.  It was designed by L.C. Cavitt, Jr.  in the Gothic Revival Style.  The building is clad in Austin stone.  In 1958, Harris Hall was constructed and in 1974, an even larger sanctuary and free standing tower were built.  All of the additions were designed by Cavitt and they are all similar in design and materials to the original sanctuary. 

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