Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

2001 W. Seminary Dr. - 1910 to present

The Baptist Seminary was formed as an outgrowth of the theological department of Baylor University in Waco.  The seminary was made independent from Baylor in 1907.  One year later, the Seminary was chartered under President B.H. Carroll.  In the early years, several cities made bids to be the home of the seminary.  In 1909, the trustees accepted the offer from a group of Fort Worth citizens of approximately 250 acres of land, located three miles south of the city limits on a dominant hilltop.  The site was laid out as the Seminary Hill Addition with a 30 acre square block for the campus.  Surrounding the campus were 75 blocks that were subdivided into residential parcels to be sold to raise funds for the Seminary.

Sanguinet & Staats were hired to design the master plan and the first building.  The orientation and general design of the master plan have been followed through the years.  The original access to the school was via the east and the west from West Gambrell Street.  In the mid-1950s, West Seminary Drive was completed to the north of the campus and the main orientation of the campus was changed to the north via William Fleming Court.  After World War II, the seminary grew rapidly and many of the residential properties were reacquired by the seminary to provide room for expansion.  Many buildings have now been constructed outside the 30 acre square.  In 2000, one block of W. Spurgeon Street was closed between James and Stanley Avenues for campus expansion.  In 2011, West Boyce Street along the south side of the square and one block each of Gordon Ave. and Townsend Dr. were closed to bring three additional square blocks into the main body of the campus.  In 2013, the access from the west on Gambrell Street was eliminated by the closure of the street across the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad tracks. The campus is a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark.



Below are the individual campus buildings with addresses and descriptions:

Floy Barnard Hall - 1915; 1920
B.H. Carroll Memorial Building
- 1949; 1955
George E. Cowden Hall - 1926
Fort Worth Hall - 1910
MacGorman Chapel and Performing Arts Center - 4616 Stanley Ave. - 2011
Robert E. Naylor Student Center -
J.M. Price Hall -
The Riley Center - 1701 W. Boyce Ave. - 2000; 2004
A. Webb Roberts Library -