Original Building in rear:

Rosemont Sixth Grade Center

3900 McCart Ave. - c.1922; 1949; 1957; 2003

Originally constructed as a county school, the Carroll School was annexed by the Fort Worth Independent School District in 1922.  The original building is 2 stories and it has the name "Carroll School" on the south elevation, but through the years, it has been mostly covered up by additions.  The plan was similar to the original structure at Hubbard Heights Elementary School and it also was a county school when it was constructed.  In 1949, the school was expanded by Architect Joseph H. Gaylord  and contractors Cain and Cain.  That addition converted the original building into an auditorium and cafeteria.  This addition is was a mix of International and Moderne/Art Deco styles.  This addition also forms the southern half of the McCart Ave. facade.  In 1957, a 12 classroom addition was placed to the north of the 1949 addition, giving the building a nearly one block long facade.  The building's facade is constructed with yellow brick with white brick laid in a stacked bond pattern above entrances and in various other locations as accents.  In 2003, another addition was built to the rear of the building that included a new library and classrooms.  The school was originally named for B.H. Carroll (1843-1914), the first president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Carroll was also a soldier, teacher, pastor, and author during his life.  In 1995, the school was converted to serve Sixth Grade students going to Rosemont Middle School.  At that time, the school was renamed Rosemont Sixth Grade Center.

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