Rosemont Middle School

1501 W. Seminary Dr. - 1935; 1956; 1958; 1979; 1980; 1987; 2003

  • Overall of Rosemont Middle School
    Overall Photo of Front of Rosemont Middle School
  • Rosemont Middle School Auditorium (1956)
    Rosemont Middle School Auditorium (1956)
  • Main Entrance of Rosemont Middle School
    Main Entrance of Rosemont Middle School


Rosemont Junior High School


Constructed with Works Progress Administration funds, this Mediterranean/Romanesque school was designed by the E. G. Withers Architectural Co. of Fort Worth.  It was built by Thos. S. Byrne Construction Co.  The building is mostly two story with one story gabled wings projecting toward Seminary Drive.  The palette of materials features polychrome ochre brick with banded courses with the main entry porticos feature engaged columns and horizontal banding of cut limestone.  Inside the window arches are glazed tile murals.  Two secondary front entrances feature limestone arched porticos.  Each of the original building's gables also have glazed tile insets.  The roof of the building is constructed out of red clay tile.  The interior of the school featured beautiful terrazzo patterns throughout all corridors of the original building.  As with many of Fort Worth's WPA schools, Hare & Hare designed the landscaping for the campus.  In 1956, a sympathetic auditorium addition was constructed to the east of the main building.  Along with that addition, a two story rear classroom and gymnasium wing was constructed behind the original building.  This 1956 addition was designed by George A. King & Associates.  Two years later, six classroms were added on the north side of the gymnasium.  A free-standing activty building was built in the back of the campus in 1979, and only one year later, a small, two story addition was constructed between the original building and the 1958 classroom addition.  The 1987 bond election delivered a new band hall behind the auditorium.  In 2003, four new science classrooms were added on the back side of the 1956 addition. 

1936 Photograph of Building from UTA Libraries Digital Gallery


Architectural Style:


Architect of Original Building:

E.G. Withers Architectural Co., Fort Worth

Architect of Auditorium & Classroom Addition - 1956:

George W. King & Associates, Fort Worth

Contractor of Original Building:

Thos. S. Byrne Construction Co.

Landscape Architect:

Hare & Hare, St. Louis


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