Producer's Corp. Grain Elevators

2000 S. Main Street - 1930; 1931; 1954; 1962

This group of grain elevators was the second complex of structures built that flank South Main Street.  These were constructed in phases on the west side of Main and were built parallel to the BNSF Railway tracks; thereby placing them at an angle to both Main Street and to the old Kimbell Grain Elevators across the street.  The first elevators were the three groupings of tanks to the west of the site and they were constructed of typical round silos in 1930 and 1931 by Lone Star Elevators, Inc.  In 1954, a second elevator building was constructed toward Main Street and its capacity was 2 Million bushels of grain.  This elevator is distinctive in that instead of round silos, they were square and they turned angled faces toward the sides of the structure.  The second elevator structure was designed by Chalmers and Borton of Hutchinson, Kansas who were both the architects and contractors for the project.  In 1962, steel tanks were constructed to the south of the elevators.  This brought the storage capacity of the complex to over 4 Million bushels.

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