Architecture in Fort Worth

Kimbell Milling Co. Grain Elevators

1901-2001 S. Main St. - 1924; 1926; 1931; 1949; 1950; 1952


This is one of two groupings of elevators flanking each side of the South Main Street Bridge over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. The complex consists of five sets of elevators arranged in three parallel rows. Storage capacity in these elevators exceeded 4,000,000 bushels. The elevators are constructed out of steel reinforced concrete. These elevators were constructed in several stages between 1924 and 1952 for the Kimbell Milling Co. The earliest set of elevators were constructed in 1924, 1926, and 1931. The center elevator is the tallest at 180 feet. The easternmost elevator is 168 feet tall and the westernmost is 157 feet tall.


Photograph provided by Rene Gomez.