Hidden Original Building:

Hubbard Heights Elementary School

1333 W. Spurgeon Ave. - 1922; 1935; 1953; 1956; 1989; 2002

Hubbard Heights Elementary School was built as a part of the Tarrant County School System in 1922.  When opened, the two story building had only six rooms and was similar in design to the B.H. Carroll Elementary School on McCart Avenue.  In 1935, the building was expanded with the first project completed under the Works Progress Administration in Fort Worth.  Architect Elmer G. Withers designed this addition in the Mediterranean Revival Style and placed it along Spurgeon Avenue in front of the original building.  This addition was clad in yellow brick and featured a red clay tile gabled roof and was constructed by Thos. S. Byrne.  In 1953, a six classroom addition was completed behind the 1935 addition, but to the west first addition.  It was two stories.  Architect William Lane designed this building as a copy of the 1935 addition.  In 1956, a 10 classroom addition was completed south of the 1935 addition and west of the original building, and this extended the building closer to 6th Avenue.  However, it was designed in the Modern style and only utilized the yellow brick from the 1935 addition.  In 1989, a free standing gymnasium was constructed southeast of the original building.  This still allowed the original building to be viewed from the east and south sides of the campus.  Finally in 2002, a new wing with 14 classrooms was constructed on the south and east sides of the original building.  This addition also connected to the gymnasium structure.  With all of these additions, the original school is virtually hidden from view.

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