Architecture in Fort Worth

Amigo's Food Mart #3

3705 Ryan Ave. - 1950; 2001

Haynie's Super Market
Haynie's Super Save Market


By 1950, the Shaw Heights Addition was beginning to fill in and the intersection of Ryan Avenue and West Butler Street developed as a commercial center for the addition. This was also a logical place for a commercial center because it was the geographic center of the residential area bounded by West Berry Street on the north, Hemphill Street on the east, West Seminary Drive on the south, and McCart Avenue on the west. In 1950, construction was completed on a "U" shaped commercial building on three lots. This site was diagonaly across the intersection from Fire Station No. 17. One leg of the "U" faced West Butler Street and it had a few small storefronts. It was a wood framed structure. Facing Ryan Avenue were larger shop areas built out of yellow brick with large storefront windows with glass block below them. The other leg of the "U" housed Haynie's Super Save Market. The grocery store was 3,780 square feet, and was full service. The Haynie Family operated the store until 2001. In 1995, a fire destroyed the wood framed portion of the building and it was demolished, leaving an "L" shaped structure. When the property was sold in 2001, the buiding underwent an extensive renovation. In order to meet the City's parking requirement at the time, the office portion of the building was demolished. Currently, only the grocery store portion remains and it has been significantly altered. The yellow brick has been painted and the large storefront has been partially filled in. The building is now an Amigo's Food Mart, which is a convenience store serving what is now called the Rosemont Neighborhood.