Architecture in Fort Worth

Fire Station No. 17

3644 Ryan Ave. - 1923


This station was one of about 10 bungalow fire stations constructed by the City of Fort Worth between 1922 and 1923.  The station was one of the first structures constructed in the Shaw Heights Addition and it actually preceeded most of the homes built in the area.  The station was not opened for service until 1927 when there were a few homes built in the neighborhood.  The architect for the station was Charles F. Allen.  The station was originally constructed with tan brick and the garage doors featured windows.  The roof was a hipped roof design with red tile.  The front porch was arched and featured cast stone trim with trellises on the south wall.  In 1967, this station was replaced with a larger station on E. Felix Street, which has also since been replaced with a station on Hemphill Street.  The city then sold the building to Gauntt Electric Co., where they have officed since that purchase.  However, in 2016, the company closed its doors. The building is now the home of another company. The porch and the garage doors have been enclosed, the brick and cast stone have been painted, the trellises have been removed, and the tile roof has been replaced with asphalt shingles.