Gambrell Street Baptist Church

1616 W. Gambrell St. - 1949; 1955; 1975; 1981

This church has been affiliated with the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary since 1915, only five years after the Seminary moved to Fort Worth.  Until 1926, the church met in Seminary buildings, and from 1926 until 1949, the church met in buildings donated by the Seminary.  In 1928, they changed their name from Seminary Hill Baptist Church to Gambrell Street Baptist Church.  In 1949, the new sanctuary opened on the northeast corner of Gambrell Street and James Avenue.  It was designed by Wiley G. Clarkson and built by B.B. Adams.  The building is a modern interpretation of Gothic Revival and is constructed with beige brick and cast stone trim.  The first major expansion of the church was an education building built to the north of the sanctuary in 1955.  A. George King designed this addition with Horace O. Duncan Company building it.  The sanctuary was renovated in 1975 and another education wing was constructed in 1981.

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