Fort Worth Zoo

1989 Colonial Pkwy. - 1909 to present

  • Fort Worth Zoo Entrance Sign
    Fort Worth Zoo Entrance Sign

Historic Designation:
Portions designated as City of Fort Worth Historic & Cultural Landmarks


The Fort Worth Zoo opened in 1909 with one lion, two bear cubs, an alligator, a coyote, a peacock and some rabbits. Until 1991, the zoo was owned and operated by the City of Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Zoological Association was formed in 1939 to raise additional funds to operate the zoo, and they took control of the zoo's operations in 1991. Various architects and landscape architects have worked on the zoo over the years, and the historic built environment within are products of the various works programs by the United States Government. After 1991, the zoo saw the biggest changes and largest expansions. In 1992, the World of Primates opened. That was followed by the Komodo Dragon Exhibit in 1995 and the Burnett-Tandy Animal Health Science Center in 1998. Texas Wild! opened in 2001. This exhibit highlights native Texas animals. The Museum of Living Art opened in 2010. The African Savanah opened in 2018 and that was followed by Elephant Springs in 2021 and the Predators of Asia and Africa in 2023.

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Architectural Style:

Multiple architects through the years

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