De Zavala Elementary School

958 Page St. - 1914; 1958; 1990 (NR)

The school has its history on this site dating back to 1908 when the first building was constructed.  The current building served as an expansion to that original structure that was demolished in the 1950's.  The identity of the architect is not known.  De Zavala was designed in the Classical Revival Style with a raised basement and two floors above it.  The color scheme of the building is yellow brick and cast stone trim.  The raised basement is banded with alternating bands of brick and cast stone.  A decorative cornice and parapet adorn the top of the school.  A slightly projecting central element with an engaged collonnade consisting of pairs of two story columns of the Tuscan order highlight the front facade, as they rise from the raised basement to the projecting cornice.  Two small entrances capped by pediments are set into the base of the building.  In order to air condition the school, the ceilings have been lowered and the windows have been altered throughout the school.  In 1958, an auditorium and classroom addition was constructed to the north of the school building and in 1990, another addition was constructed to the south at the location of the original school building.  Interior remodeling was done in 2003.  De Zavala is located within the Fairmount-Southside Historic District.

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