Alice E. Carlson Elementary School

3320 W. Cantey St. - 1926; 1935; 1953; 2004 (RTHL, SAL)

This school opened for students as a four classroom building on September 15, 1926.  Wiley G. Clarkson was the architect and the school was constructed by A.J. Howard.  The school is brown brick with a red clay tiled hipped roof.  A sloped parapet wall marks the entry.  The style of the building is Mission Revival.  The school was named after Alice E. Carlson, the first woman to serve on the Fort Worth school board.  When the building was named after her, she was Vice-President of the board.  She passed away shortly after the school opened.  In 1935, the school was enlarged as a part of the Works Progress Administration.  This addition was designed by Joseph R. Pelich and was constructed by Harry Friedman.  This addition added wings to the central building, making it an "E" shaped school.  In 1953, an 8 classroom addition added another wing to the east.  It was built by M.W. Bogart Construction Co. and it matched the other parts of the building.  In 2004, a gymnasium building was added to the campus on the west side.  The architect for this addition was Gideon Toal.  This gymnasium matches the original structure.

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