Architecture in Fort Worth

Bailey Building

3000 Bellaire Drive N. - 1914; 1958; 2007

Originally, this building had a flat roof when it was completed from the designs of Sanguinet & Staats of Fort Worth.  It is a small rectangular shaped building with two levels over a rusticated basement.  The brick is yellow, matching other TCU buildings.  The entrance is marked by a portico with paired columns.  In 1958, Architect Preston Geren and contractor Thos. S. Byrne renovated the structure by adding a hipped roof, aluminum framed windows, and placing the entry at the basement level.  As one of the early buildings on the campus, it followed the master plan designed by Waller and Field.  The Bailey Building is the southernmost of all the structures fronting University Drive on the west side of the street. The building was restored in 2007 and the Betsy and Steve Palko Hall was added to the west of the building with a glass connector between them. The main entry to the building was returned to its original level with a set of stairs leading to it. However, the hipped roof remains.


From the Jack White Collection of Historic Fort Worth Photos, University of Texas at Arlington:
Goode Hall and Bailey Building

Planned Expansion to Building



Before Restoration:

After Restoration: