The Sinclair, Autograph Collection

512 Main St. - 1930; Restored 1990; Hotel conversion 2019

  • The Sinclair from 5th & Commerce
    The Sinclair from 5th & Commerce
  • The Sinclair at Dusk
    The Sinclair at Dusk
  • The Sinclair Lobby
    The Sinclair Lobby
  • Ground Floor Elevator Lobby
    Ground Floor Elevator Lobby
  • Sinclair Lobby Bar
    Sinclair Lobby Bar
  • Wicked Butcher Restaurant
    Wicked Butcher Restaurant
  • Rooftop Bar and Seating
    Rooftop Bar and Seating
  • Restored 13th Floor Elevator Lobby
    Restored 13th Floor Elevator Lobby
  • Typical Hotel Room
    Typical Hotel Room
  • Penthouse Living Room
    Penthouse Living Room

Historic Designations:
National Regsiter of Historic Places
Recorded Texas Historical Landmark
City of FW Historic & Cultural Landmark


The Sinclair Building


This 16 story building, designed by Wiley G. Clarkson and built by Harry B. Friedman, is one of Fort Worth's finest examples of Art Deco architecture. The building is more specifically of Zigzag Moderne styling and features many ziggurat elements on doorways, windows, and even in the shape of the building. The lobby is an excellent example from this period. At the 14th floor, eagle finials cap the vertical elements of the building's shaft.  On top of the 16th floor penthouse, the vertical mullions are capped with alternating height pinnacles. In 1990, the building was completely restored by Architect Ward Bogard. The upper floors of the building are illuminated at night. Originally, the building was to be named the Dulaney Building after the owner, but before it opened, Sinclair Oil Co. leased 7 floors, and the building was then named after its main tenant.  

On February 5, 2015, it was announced that the building would be converted into a 164 room Autograph Collection Hotel with a basement restaurant and a rooftop bar.  Office leases were allowed to expire and the renovation started in the third quarter of 2015.  The scheduled opening of the hotel is November of 2019. A stop in the lobby is well worth your time. Some support of the hotel will be located in the adjacent Sanger Brothers Building, and full restoration of the exterior of that building is a part of this project. The basement restaurant is called The Wicked Butcher and they will also operate the Lobby Bar on the first floor and the rooftop bar. 


The Sinclair Web Site


Architectural Style:
Art Deco/Zig-Zag Moderne

Building Architect:
Wiley G. Clarkson, Fort Worth

Harry B. Friedman, Fort Worth

1990 Restoration Architect:
Ward Bogard, Fort Worth

Hotel Conversion Architect:
Merriman Anderson/Architects, Dallas

Hotel Conversion Contractor:
Byrne Construction Services, Fort Worth