Architecture in Fort Worth


Hogan Office Building

901 Houston St. - 1900, 1910, 1937; 2014 (RTHL, DD)

The Shelton Building


The original architect for this building is unknown. Throughout its history, the building has been used for retail purposes. In 1910, John Shelton purchased the two story building and added a third floor. He leased the property to the S.H. Kress Company. In 1936, Kress moved to a larger building on Main Street. In 1937, the building was leased to McCrory's Variety Store and was remodeled by Wiley G. Clarkson. This remodel gave the building an Art Deco styling. The contractor for the remodeling was Cain & Cain. The building also has a basement. FedEx/Kinko's operates a copy and printing center on the building's ground floor.  Over the last few years, several attempts have been made to renovate the building, but none ever got off the ground.  In July of 2012, the Downtown Design Review Board approved a proposal to remove the Art Deco facade and to restore the building closer to the way it looked in 1910. The renovation was completed in early 2014.  Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford was the architect responsible for this renovation.



1937 Remodel

2014 Remodel
Hogan Office Building