Shamrock Building

513-15 Main St. - c.1887

  • Shamrock Building
    Shamrock Building from 5th & Main

This building was constructed between 1885 and 1889, but the exact date and architect are unknown.  It is not present on the 1885 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, but does show up in the 1889 edition. This is also another good example of how not to remodel a Victorian building.  At some point in time, a layer of stucco was applied to the red brick and cast stone facade.  At least, most of the original architectural details remain.  Over the years, the Shamrock Building has housed numerous businesses and restaurants. Jake's Old Fashioned Hamburgers is the ground floor tenant with a 5,000 square foot restaurant.  This downtown restaurant features a mezzanine added into the space for additional dining.  This property was one of the first to be redeveloped adjacent to Sundance Square.  


Historic Photos from the Jack White Collection, University of Texas at Arlington:
Exterior of Building

Interior taken in 1907


Architectural Style: