Santa Fe Freight Station

1401 Jones St. - 1938

  • Santa Fe Freight Station
    Santa Fe Freight Station
  • Santa Fe Freight Station
    Santa Fe Freight Station
  • Santa Fe Freight Station at Night
    Santa Fe Freight Station at Night

Historic Designation:
City of FW Highly Significant Endangered Landmark


Constructed in 1938 as one of the improvements to the Fort Worth Union Depot, this depot housed inbound and outbound freight, cold storage, and offices. This building's design is utilitarian; however, it does feature decorative brick work, a stepped cast stone parapet, and a large neon Santa Fe sign on the north end of the building. The structural system used for the building is reinforced concrete. The building sat vacant for quite some time, but  it was purchased by a local developer.  Their plans were to restore the building, and it reopened in 2002.  After the building was restored, it opened as the Fort Worth Rail Market, but that venture was not successful.  Soon, the building was leased to UTA.  The structure now houses the Fort Worth Center of the University of Texas at Arlington, which opened in 2007.


Historic Photographs from UTA Library Digital Galleries:
1938 Photograph Shortly After Building Opened
1947 Photograph from the South
1950 Photograph from the South

1953 Photograph
1953 Photograph of Depot and Freight Station


Architectural Style:
Art Deco

Freight Depot/Warehouse/Education