Star-Telegram Annex

SW Corner W. 5th and Taylor St. - 1960; Demolished Septmember 2009

  • Star-Telegram Annex Demolished September 2009
    Star-Telegram Annex Demolished September 2009

Tarrant Savings Association


This aluminum clad Mid-Century Modern structure was completed in 1960 and was built for the home of Tarrant Savings Association. The building was built with a basement and 4 stories above grade, but was designed to be expanded vertically. Tarrant Savings vacated this building in 1980, when they constructed their new home at 1600 W. 7th. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram purchased the building in 1978 and converted it into their Classified Ads Department after Tarrant Savings left. In 2008, the Fort Worth Club purchased the property, but sold it to Anthracite Realty Partners in 2014 to build the Frost Tower.


Architectural Style:
Mid-Century Modern

Office Building