Architecture in Fort Worth

St. Patrick Cathedral Rectory

1206 Throckmorton St. - 1908; 1972; 2009 (NR)


By the 1907, the St. Patrick Cathedral had grown significantly and there was a need for a facility to house the priests assigned to parish duty in Fort Worth.  The old St. Stanislaus Church, was demolished to build the rectory.  It is similar to many other residences built in Fort Worth in the early 20th Century.  The design of the rectory is in the Prairie Style, and it was constructed out of red brick.  It features four rooms upstairs and six rooms downstairs and it provides living and work space for the priests.  In 1972, the house was painted white and alterations were made to the front porch.  The rectory was restored in 2009, and the white paint was removed.