Architecture in Fort Worth





Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus

300 Trinity Campus Circle - 2004/2005


RadioShack constructed their new 38 acre corporate campus on the site of the old Ripley Arnold Housing Project and their old surface parking lot located at the junction of the West and Clear Forks of the Trinity River.  The campus opened in phases in 2004 and 2005.  The campus was designed by HKS Architects of Dallas. It was purchased by Tarrant County College in 2008, and a significantly smaller RadioShack Coporation leases two of the buildings.  The campus features three six story buildings, a commons building, a Tarrant County College Store and a multi-level parking garage to accommodate all students, employees, and guests.  The layout of the site plan offers everyone views of the river and has inviting public gardens and landscaping.  Each building is named after something associated with the Trinity River and all of the buildings are connected by a curving circulation spine.  The three office buildings are named the East Fork, Clear Fork, and the West Fork.  The commons building is called the Trinity Building.  The Tarrant County College Store was the last portion of the campus that was completed, and it opened on May 20, 2005.  The most notable feature of the campus is the curving fountain between the store and the main entrance.  This curving fountain starts out at grade near the corner of Belknap and Taylor and stays at a level elevation.  As the grade steps down toward the main entrance, water flows over the west wall of the fountain.  A walkway passes beneath the water wall and the fountain.  At night, the fountain is illuminated by multi-colored LED fixtures that are controlled by computer, offering an ever changing light and water show.