Architecture in Fort Worth





Fort Worth Public Market Building

1400 Henderson St. - 1930 (NR, RTHL)


This building originally served as a market space for local farmers, vendors, and retail businesses.  It was developed by John J. Harden of Oklahoma City and was designed by B. Gaylord Noftsger.  The market was plagued with economic difficulties and closed in 1941. Since then, it has been used for various office purposes.  The main building is rectangular in plan, with towers at three corners.  The facade is adorned with tall arched windows and a tile roof.  The entrance tower is the most notable feature of the structure, with an ornate recessed entry, trimmed with terra cotta and tall vertical window panels with stained glass.  Within the stained glass are panels spelling out "Public Market" that are illuminated from within. A smaller, "L" shaped stall building with simpler detailing, wraps around the main building on the south and west.  This smaller building was almost totally destroyed by fire in 2010.  The building was purchased by Bob Simpson in 2012, who had plans to restore the building.  However, he sold it to Wilks Brothers from Cisco in 2014.  They have not disclosed plans for the building.