Under Construction, Proposed, & Unbuilt in Downtown


Under Construction:

THE CARNEGIE - 3rd & Taylor Streets - 16 Story, 239 ft. tall building to be the home of EOG Resources.  Estimation completion date - 2008.

CITY PLACE - (Development formerly known as the Tandy Center.) This project involves major renovation of the Charles D. Tandy Center.  The south tower is slated to be converted into 200 apartments with demolition of the section on the 2nd Street right-of-way, and the Throckmorton Street bridge.

CITY TOWER - 16 Story, 169 ft. tower to be added on the northwest corner of Penn and Texas Streets.

FLATIRON BUILDING - Apartments - Conversion of the city's first skyscraper with a completion date still pending. 

KLABZUBA OIL HEADQUARTERS - This proposed 4 story building will be built at 1st and Lexington in the Upper West Side Neighborhood.

LANCASTER AVENUE - Street reconstruction is underway

LE BIJOU - 16 unit Residential Condominium on the block bounded by 6th, Grove, Jones, and 7th Streets.

OMNI FORT WORTH HOTEL - on blocks bounded by 11th, Houston, 14th, & Throckmorton.  It will have 600 rooms managed by Omni Hotels of Irving.  There will also be a residential condominium portion of the project.  The project has been approved by the City Council.  The estimated completion date is 2008.  The building will be between 400 and 500 feet tall.

CONVERSION OF FORT WORTH PLAZA HOTEL TO SHERATON HOTEL - Plans are underway converting the Fort Worth Plaza Hotel into a renovated and upgraded Sheraton Hotel. 

TARRANT COUNTY COLLEGE - On the Trinity River Bluff, just east of the Courthouse.

TRANSPORT LIFE BUILDING - Conversion of the old Transport Life Building started but appears to be on hold.

TRINITY BLUFF - 1,500 unit residential and mixed use project along the Trinity River and Samuels Avenue.

WAGNER OIL/CACERIA BUILDING - NW Corner of 5th & Commerce - 7 Story building at the site of the old Mexican Inn.



THE CASSIDY - 22 story Residential Condominium on the SE corner of 3rd & Throckmorton. Unknown timetable. 

CANTEY & HANGER PLAZA - Four story building on block bounded by 6th, Cherry, 5th, and Burnett.

CENTRAL PLAZA/HYDE PARK - W. 9th & Throckmorton - Proposed by the city to construct a plaza on the site of the old library and Hyde Park. The confines of this plaza are already defined by the existing building edges. 

9th STREET CORRIDOR - Landscaped street from the Central Plaza to the Intermodal Transportation Center. 

SUNDANCE SQUARE - Construction of a true plaza centered on Main Street between 3rd & 4th Streets. This will be located on two half block sites, one south of the Chisholm Trail Mural, the other west of the Flying Saucer. This will add a touch of green to the Sundance area. Accommodations will be made for concerts and other public events. Construction has been delayed due to a property dispute on the site of the easternmost bookend building.

SUNDANCE PLAZA OFFICE/RETAIL BUILDING I - This will be built on the west side of the public plaza, bounded by 3rd, 4th, and fronting on Houston Street. Unknown construction date partially due to a property dispute where Building II will be constructed

SUNDANCE PLAZA OFFICE/RETAIL BUILDING II - This will be on the east side of the public plaza, just to the north of the Flying Saucer. Bounded by 3rd, 4th, and fronting on Commerce. Construction has been delayed due to a property dispute.

SUNDANCE OFFICE/RETAIL/PARKING/RESIDENTIAL? on block bounded by 4th, Houston, 5th, & Throckmorton on Monnig's Department Store's old site. Unknown completion date. The extent of this project may spill over to Bank One's old site when that building is demolished.

OFFICE/RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT east of Calhoun, north of 3rd Street, and south of Weatherford and/or E. 1st. Don't know much about this, but have seen it in the Sundance Square Master Plan prepared by David Schwarz. This plan fills all vacant property owned by the Bass Family with a building of some type. 

TEXAS & PACIFIC WAREHOUSE - restoration and conversion of the building to various uses - No definite schedule. 


In Flux:

XTO ENERGY  RETAIL/PARKING - across the street to the south of the Landmark Tower, XTO Energy is planning to build something on the remainder of the block where the W.T. Waggoner Building is located. This will be on the block bounded by 7th, Houston, 8th, & Throckmorton.   This project is now in flux due to the purchase of the Landmark Tower.

XTO HEADQUARTERS BUILDING - Proposed 50 story replacement for the Landmark Tower appears to be dead.


Unbuilt Downtown Fort Worth:

These buildings were either proposed or had sites dedicated to their construction, but were never built.

TANDY CENTER - Originally proposed as a four building complex with two 20 story towers, a hotel, and a 50 story tower on the west side. The two 20 story office towers and the hotel (Renaissance Worthington) were built.  On the 50 story site, the Tandy Technology Square was constructed. With the streets being closed off, Tandy officials stated several years ago that there is actually room to construct two more towers around the Technology Center.  One of those could be 50 stories.  The four block Technology Square site has been sold to the county and the remainder of the Tandy Center has been sold to PNL Company.  The 50 story building will not be constructed since its site is now owned by Tarrant County.

CARTER+BURGESS PLAZA II - When the developers purchased the property for this project, an additional block was set aside for the construction of another office building. This block was located to the northeast of Carter+Burgess Plaza bounded by 5th, Calhoun, 6th, & Commerce Streets. Eventually, the 15 story Carter+Burgess Plaza Parking Garage was built on this site. 

CITY CENTER TOWER III - At one time there was a third tower was slated to be built southeast of Tower II. This would have been on the block bounded by 3rd, Jones, 4th, and Calhoun. City Center Garage 2 was constructed on the site in 1987. 

BURNETT PLAZA - Their extra block was located on the northeast corner of 7th & Cherry Street. A few years back, the block was sold to the First United Methodist Church.

FIRST CONVENTION CENTER HOTEL - To be located on one of the sites where the new Convention Center Hotel is proposed, this design featured a revolving restaurant and was supposed to be the tallest building in the city.  It was to have more than 500 rooms and was designed to have a laser beam aimed skyward.

BLOCK TU TOWER - 60 story ~ 900 ft. tower proposed for the block bounded by 7th, Jones, 8th, and Calhoun Streets.  This building was rumored to have been scaled down to only 30 stories.  Eventually the project was scrapped.


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