Plaza Hotel

301 Main St. - 1908; restored 1981

  • The Plaza Hotel from 2nd & Main
    The Plaza Hotel from 2nd & Main
  • Plaza Hotel Detail of Brickwork & Terra Cotta
    Plaza Hotel Detail of Brickwork and Terra Cotta

Historic Designation:

City of Fort Worth Demolition Delay



Inman Hotel
Scott Hotel
St. Francis Hotel


This three story hotel was built by Winfield Scott, a prominent Fort Worth rancher and businessman. It is also one of the more unique buildings in Sundance Square featuring white glazed brick with green and yellow terra cotta trim. The hotel was restored in 1981 with other buildings as a part of the original two block development of Sundance Square.  The building is now used for retail on the ground floor with two restaurants, and offices above. Jon Bonnell's Waters Restaurant is located at the corner of 2nd and Main.  Waters serves seafood and coastal cuisine.  Yolk, is a new restaurant to Fort Worth, that offers breakfast to downtown workers.  A one story kitchen addition was built behind the building in 1981 that is contextual with the surrounding buildings.  The architect for the 1981 restoration and addition was Thomas E. Woodward & Associates.  Thos. S. Byrne was the contractor.

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Architectural Style:


Restoration Architect:

Thomas S. Woodward, Dallas

Restoration Contractor:

Thos S. Byrne


Retail/Office Building